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Awards and Recognitions

Trang Ruampat Hospital is developing continuously, in order to provide high quality and satisfiable services, and to reassure our customers. Therefore, we are determined to continue our development, and to seek certificate of quality from various organizations, in order to reassure you that Trang Ruampat Hospital possesses high quality medical services, pertaining to our motto, “Healthcare You Can Trust”

2009, Gold Award from the AIA Hospital Quality Award
2010, 1st Runner Up from the RVP e-Claim Award for Private Hospital
2011, Gold Award from AIA Hospital Quality Award
2014, participated in the Engagement for Patient Safety, which is an ongoing program from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization)
2015, Acknowledgement for the 2nd Step to HA from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization)
2018, Received Hospital Accreditation (HA) for hospital and health service standard from Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization)